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Mr. A. Madzudzo

Qualifications: MSc Applied Physics, Grad DE, BSc Hons

Faculty: Education

Department: Science and Mathematics Education

Research Interest: Utilising IKS in Physics Education


Phone: 0773100514

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Dr. Joseph Chamunorwa VERE

Mathematics Lecturer in Dept of Science & Maths Ed...

Qualifications: B Sc General (Maths & Physics) (London) (1968) -Grad C E (UZ) (1981) -Intermediate Diploma in Comput...

Faculty: Education

Department: Department of Science & Mathematics Education (DSME)

Research Interest: Mathematics teaching and learning Mathematics school curriculum


Phone: 0772 125 996

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Prof. Nyawaranda V.

Qualifications: Cert. Ed.; B. A.; B.A. M.A.; Ph. D.

Faculty: Education

Department: Curriculum & Arts Education

Research Interest: Language Education


Phone: 0775517253

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Prof. Makuwaza Ngoni

Professor in Philosophy of Education. Lectured in ...

Qualifications: C.E; B.A Dual Hons(Phil. & Rel. Studies); D. Phil. (U.Z)

Faculty: Education

Department: Educational Foundations

Research Interest: Citizenship Education Philosophy of Education ...


Phone: 0775 145 811

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Prof. Paul Mapfumo

Vice Chancellor

Qualifications: Doctor of Philosophy in Soil Science-Soil fertility and Agro-systems Ecology (UZ) Master of Philosop...

Faculty: Agriculture

Department: Soil Science

Research Interest: Soil Science Tropical agro-systems ecology Climate change adaptation Soil car...


Phone: +263242303211

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