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Dr. David Tinotenda Mbiriri


PhD, Chonbuk National University, South Korea; MSc, University of Zimbabwe; BSc, Africa University)

Academic Appointments:

Research Interests:

1. Utilization of feed resources indigenous to Zimbabwe in ruminant animal feeding
2. Technological applications in animal production
3. Reducing enteric methane production from ruminants

Faculty: Agriculture
Department: Animal Science
Research Category: Earth Sciences

Dr David Tinotenda Mbiriri joined the department of Animal Science, University of Zimbabwe in September of 2009 as a temporary full-time lecturer. In February 2012 he left for his PhD studies in South Korea. He completed his studies in 2016 and returned to the department. He is now a senior lecturer conducting lectures and research in ruminant nutrition, nutritional biochemistry and poultry production. He is the current coordinator of the Master of Animal Science and Master of Dairy Science and Technology degrees.
Dr Mbiriri has had wide experience in university teaching and the industry. He worked for Irvines’ Zimbabwe, the largest poultry producing company in Zimbabwe. When he left Irvines’ Zimbabwe, he worked as an adjunct at several universities including Africa University, Solusi and the Women’s university in Africa.
In 2005, Dr Mbiriri earned a BSc Agriculture and Natural Resources from Africa University and enrolled for an MSc Animal Science the following year with the University of Zimbabwe.

Phone: +263 718 585 785

1. Oh, S., Mbiriri, D. T., Ryu, C., Lee, K., Cho, S., and Choi, N.-J. (2018). In vitro and in vivo evaluation of kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) as a roughage source for beef cattle. Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Science. 31(10): 1598-1603.

2. Mhlanga T. T., Mutibvu T. and Mbiriri, D.T. 2018. Goat Flock Productivity under Smallholder Farmer Management in Zimbabwe. Small Ruminant Research. 164: 105-109.

3. Mbiriri, D. T., Cho, S., Mamvura, C. I. and Choi, N. J., 2016. Effects of a blend of garlic oil, nitrate and fumarate on in vitroruminal fermentation and microbial population. Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition. First published online on 14 April, 2016

4. Mbiriri, D. T., Cho, S., Mamvura, C. I. and Choi, N. J., 2015, Assessment of rumen microbial adaptation to garlic oil, carvacrol and thymol using the consecutive batch-culture system. Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, 3(4).

5. Cho, S., Mbiriri, D. T., A-Leum Lee, Seong-Jin Oh, Jinho Yang, ChaehwaRyu, Young-Hoon Kim, Kang-SeokSeo, Jung-Il Chae, Young Kyoon Oh and Choi, N. J., 2014, The influence of feed energy density and a formulated additive on rumen and rectal temperature in Hanwoo steers. Asian-Australian Journal of Animal Science, 27(11): 1652-1662.

6. Mamvura, C. I., Cho, S. B., Mbiriri, D. T. and Choi, N. J., 2014, Effect of encapsulating nitrate in sesame gum on in vitro rumen fermentation parameters. Asian-Australian Journal of Animal Science, 27(11): 1577-1583.

7. Mbiriri, D. T., Lee, D. H., Oh, S. J., Kim, Y. H., Cho, S., and Choi, N. J., 2013, Supplementary feeding of Economas E® improves storage life of Hanwoo beef. Journal of Animal Science and Technology, 55(6): 531-537.

8. Cho, S. B., Ryu, C., Yang, J. H., Mbiriri, D. T., Choi, C. W., Chae, J. I., Kim, Y. H., Shim, K. S., Kim, Y. J. and Choi, N. J., 2013, Effect of conjugated linoleic acid feeding on the growth performance and meat fatty acid profiles in broilers: Meta-Analysis. Asian-Australian Journal of Animal Science, 26: 995-1002.

9. Chipunza, M. M., Mutibvu, T., Kashangura, M. and Mbiriri, D. T., 2013, Integrated crop-livestock systems in newly resettled areas of Goromonzi district in Zimbabwe. Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa. 61(2): 181-188.

10. Mbiriri, D. T., Oh, S. J. and Choi, N. J., 2012. Effect of different silages for TMR on in vitro rumen simulative fermentation. Journal of the Korean Society of Grassland and Forage Science, 32: 379-386.

11. Cho, S., Mbiriri, D. T., Oh, S. J., Lee, A. R., Yang, J. H., Ryu, Park, C. M., Moon, Y. H., Chae, J. I. and Choi, N. J., 2012, Effect of Mature Miscathussacchariflorus var. No. 1 on in vitro rumen fermentation characteristics and its dry matter digestibility. Journal of the Korean Society of Grassland and Forage Sciences, 32: 165-174

12. Mutibvu, T., Maburutse B.E., Mbiriri D. T. and Kashangura M.T., 2012, Constraints and opportunities for increased livestock production in communal areas. A case study of Simbe, Zimbabwe. Livestock Research for Rural Development, 24 (165).

13. Maburutse, B. E., Mutibvu, T., Mbiriri, D. T. and Kashangura, M. T., 2012, Communal livestock production in Simbe, Gokwe South district of Zimbabwe. Online Journal of Animal and Feed Research, 2 (4): 351-360.

14. Mlambo, T., Mbiriri, D. T.,Mutibvu, T. and Kashangura, M. T., 2011, Village chicken production systems in Zhombe communal area of Zimbabwe. Livestock Research for Rural Development, 23 (154).

15. Masimba, E. S., Mbiriri, D. T.Kashangura, M. T. and Mutibvu, T., 2011, Indigenous practices for the control and treatment of ailments in Zimbabwe’s village poultry. Livestock Research for Rural Development, 23 (12).

Patented Work:

Grants & Funding (current and Past projects):

Awards & Achievements:

1. Best oral presentation award, China-Korea-Japan Joint Symposium on Rumen Metabolism and Physiology. October 11-14, 2013, Changsha, China

2. Best oral presentation award by Koran Society of Animal Science and Technology (KSAST). June 28-29, 2012, Daejeon, Korea

Consultancy and advisory work (current and past):

Supervision information (MPhil, DPhil, etc.):

1. Wayne RufaroDapira: Developing a weigh band for goats indigenous to Zimbabwe (BSc)
2. Lloyd Mbengo: Growth performance of rabbits fed amaranth fodder (BSc)
3. Audrey Butau: Determining optimal time for performing in-ovo vaccination in commercial broilers (MPhil)

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